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High School Matriculation

"With High standards in academics and character development, we prepare students to be confident and successful global citizens"

From GHS Mission Statement - Adopted February, 2013

Ultimately, we provide students with the foundation for a lifetime of success. More immediately, however, we ensure that students maximize their academic skills and develop the confidence and character that comes from experiencing success within a supportive and collaborative environment. It is these qualities that make our students so successful both as they apply to high schools and then as they take full advanatge of all that high school has to offer.

Several local private high schools come to GHS in the Fall specifically to recruit our students and our High School Placement Counselor works with students and families to ensure a good fit and a thorough application is submitted.

It is a tangible mark of our success as an institution that every student applying to private high school has been admitted to their first choice of schools.

Some of the high schools where our students have recently been accepted include:

  • Christian Brothers
  • Jesuit High School
  • Sac. Country Day School
  • St. Francis High School
Public School
  • Del Oro H.S.
  • El Dorado H.S.
  • Folsom H.S.
  • Oakridge H.S.
  • Ponderosa H.S.
  • Rio Americano H.S.
  • Vista Del Lago H.S.

High Schools are talking……………

"The students from Golden Hills School are more likely to participate in our accelerated course offerings, demonstrate strong leadership skills, become active in athletics and clubs, and contribute through community services. We welcome applications from Golden Hills School with enthusiasm, because their students have shown that they are capable of maximizing the extensive academic and extracurricular programs that Christian Brothers has to offer.”

Kenny Kirrene, Director of Admissions,
Christian Brothers High School

"I love to see a new application from Golden Hills School. Not only are the girls always well prepared for high school, they are well-rounded and charming, with good self-discipline. Our staff and our teachers appreciate the quality of your students a great deal.”

Moira O’Brien, Director of Admissions
St. Francis High School

“The students from Golden Hills School have uniformly been very well prepared for high school. They have all made the transition with ease and have become some of our most successful students, and our favorite ones as well.”

Lonna Boedau, Director of Admissions
Sacramento Country Day School