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Community Service

"We provide an enriched educational environment that fosters a culture of integrity, respect and service to others"

(From the GHS Mission Statement)

Character education is at the center of Golden Hills School's program. Our GHS Community Service Program allows our students to practice the Characters of Gold values of CITIZENSHIP, COMPASSION, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY and bring these into the world and to experience making a difference in others lives. With initiatives that are within school, local to our community, national and also international, students learn that their actions make a difference to others close by and to the world beyond them.

Each year, the whole school participates in our "Acts of Kindness Day" where each class spends the afternoon involved in acts of compassion and generosity and citizenship.

Learning Garden flowers are grown, picked and arranged into centerpieces for local retirement communities and plants grown in our garden boxes are transplanted to flower beds for nearby service providers landscaping. Vegetables we grow are donated to services feeding the hungry.

Through the Raise Your Hand Foundation, we raise money and partner with a school in Liberia to provide education supplies and scholarships for students entering trade schools.

Our Junior-Kindergarten class organize the collection of bottles and cans to help the environment and raise money for a local horse rescue organization.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades collect books to support literacy programs in Jamaica through the Sandals Foundation.

The whole school was involved in acts of community service which raised funds through The Sparrow Club to support a local family's expenses while their son recovered from a spinal cord injury.

We have a successful Can Drive every Thanksgiving.

The list of community service opportunities goes on and on...