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As your family contemplates the myriad education alternatives that exist in our region, it may help you to understand why we believe Golden Hills School is an exceptional destination for young learners.

Why GHS? Because…

  • We focus on the ‘whole child.’ Academic development and achievement is, of course, paramount; however, we also consider the growth of character, leadership, kindness, compassion and a host of other redeeming personal traits to be of equal importance.
  • Other aspects of ‘whole child’ development at GHS place a premium on physical education (provided every day), the arts, foreign language instruction, technology, and robust extracurricular clubs.
  • Our instructional program is delivered only by certified, licensed instructors. The quality of our teachers is unmatched.
  • Our class sizes are typically quite modest, and capped. As a result, students consistently receive one-on-one instruction and support.
  • Our teachers differentiate instruction within the classroom based upon individual learner needs. No student is ever ‘lost’ in a GHS classroom.
  • The use of standardized tests, while deployed by GHS, are only a benchmark of progress, not a concrete category of achievement. Our goal is not the test; it is the process of learning, with the test as a gentle guide of progress.
  • Our modern campus is serene, safe, and a perfect complement to the delivery of Grade JK-8 instruction.
  • Our reputation among area private and public high schools for student preparation is of the highest level.
  • The investment in a GHS education, in comparison to conventional private school tuition fees, is markedly affordable.
  • We are a family. Every child matters, every family is a part of our GHS family. There is nothing that can replace a formative set of experiences like this for your child.