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About GHS

Our secure and well-equipped 6.5 acre campus is located at 1060 Suncast Lane, in the Business Park just off Latrobe Road in El Dorado Hills.

GHS - A Lifetime of Success Starts Here

Golden Hills School is a fully-accredited, private, non-profit school. We offer a comprehensive program that guides the academic, character, social-emotional and physical development of students in Junior-Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Golden Hills School is independently managed and not part of a corporate chain.

Our philosophy is that the successful education of a child requires an equal partnership between students, their parents, and the school. At Golden Hills School, we are committed to nurturing and developing this partnership to ensure a superior educational experience for each of our students.

Small class sizes, student self-discipline, excellent teachers, and parental involvement are the foundations on which Golden Hills School was established. We believe in challenging each student at their ability-level, providing him or her with the opportunity to progress at his or her own pace.

Our academic program focuses on imparting a strong academic foundation, through small group, ability-based learning with differentiated instruction. Character education is a critical part of who we are as a community.

In addition, Golden Hills School offers an extensive portfolio of enrichment classes enabling us to deliver “A Complete Education” at a value we feel is unmatched in the Sacramento area. We incorporate physical education daily at all grade levels taught by a full-time physical education instructor. Our students enjoy art, music, dance, acting, Spanish, and computers.

We participate in the county sports program which includes basketball, volleyball, wrestling, football and cross country. Our students have the opportunity to participate in sport clinics including golf and basketball. Extracurricular activities take place on campus in our complete gymnasium with stage for the performing arts and our athletic field.

GHS History

Golden Hills School was founded in February 1992 as a tutorial service by local educators, Brant and Caralyn Choate. Within a short time the tutorial service was transformed into a one-room, multi-age school. The school moved to rented quarters in the El Dorado Hills Business Park and a handful of teachers were hired to accommodate the steady increase in students.

In 1998, Dr. and Mrs. Choate partnered with Mary and Wil Agatstein and in 2001 moved the school to its present location on six acres facing Suncast Lane. It was the dedication and vision of these two families, and the financial support and enterprise of those and a larger group of GHS families, that allowed Golden Hills School to flourish into the exceptional school it is today.

In 2002, the Agatstein and Choate families donated the school to the GHS Academy, a non-profit corporation. In parallel, a group of GHS families including the Choate’s and the Agatstein's formed an entity which, with the help of the Winn Family, developed the school’s current campus for use by GHS. They later made it available to the School for purchase under favorable and charitable terms.

In 2007, GHS purchased the buildings and surrounding property from those families. In 2008, an athletic field was constructed on the site to complement our gymnasium, performance stage, technology lab, art and music studios, and two playgrounds.

Today Golden Hills School is a non-profit, independent and fully accredited school for grades Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade, serving around 175 students. Strong academics, character development, and supporting and integrated enrichment programs in PE, athletics, art, music including instrument instruction and a band program, and community involvement are the foundations of an education at GHS.

Small Class Sizes for A Personalized Approach

At Golden Hills School we offer classes from Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade.

We value our small class sizes, which range between 15 and 24 students. Our average class size is between 16 and 17 students and our student to teacher ratio is 1:8.