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Admissions Process

Choosing a school for your child can be a rewarding and informative experience. The admissions process at GHS is designed to offer families ample opportunity to get to know the school, our programs, and the community; and to ensure a good fit between your family and the school. In turn, we look forward to getting to know you and we thank you for your candor during the process. Please ask any questions you may have and revisit the campus so that you can make an informed enrollment decision that will be right for your family.

Get to Know Golden Hills School with a Tour

Call the Admissions Office at (916) 933-0100 to schedule your tour.

  • Visit and observe the classes in action
  • Meet some of our students and parents
  • Meet our staff and faculty
Complete the Application Process

GHS operates on a "rolling admissions" basis and generally applications are considered in the order in which they were received. You can choose to apply to the school at any time during the process by following this link to complete the application for admission.

List of Required Admissions Forms
  • Admissions Application with the non-refundable $25 application fee payable by check or cash.
  • Report cards for the past two years, including teacher comments
  • Standardized Test Scores (i.e. ERB, CTBS, SAT, ISEC, CAT, etc.)

If you wish, please include copies of any awards, certificates, or examples of work that you feel will give us better insight into your student’s capabilities and personality. Once we have received all your forms, we will contact you to schedule a Student Visiting Day.

Student Visit Day

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten

We will invite your child for an assessment with one of our classroom teachers to ensure your child’s readiness for our program. This assessment will last about 20 minutes.

First to Eighth Grade

We will invite your child to spend a day at GHS with their current grade level. There are circumstances that necessesitate us asking your child to visit for an additional day in order to complete the assessment process. A lunch and a snack should be brought to school and children may want to wear clothing in red, navy blue and khaki that matches our uniform.

Parents MUST fill out an emergency card at the Front Desk when you arrive to drop-off your child.

During the visit, your child will be assigned a “student buddy” to help guide them through the day. Students will be assessed in math and language arts. The assessment will occur as a part of their regular school day and no preparation is necessary.

2024 – 25 Annual Tuition

Tuition Table JK

Tuition Payments Due 8/1/24 to 5/1/25

Day Full Rate
JK ½ Day $1,017/month
JK Full Day $1,520/month

An Enrollment Fee of $500 per student is payable with your Enrollment Contract.

All forms of payment are accepted by Golden Hills School.

Tuition Table K-8th
Grade Annual Rate
K-5th $17,190
6th-8th $17,500
Payment Options (Kindergarten - 8th) Payment Options
Option 1 1 Payment, Due 6/1/2024
K-5th $17,190
6th-8th $17,500
Option 2 2 Payments, Due 6/1/2024 & 11/1/2024
K-5th $8,595
6th-8th $8,750
Option 3 (Rate includes $30 monthly billing fee) 10 Payments, Due 6/1/2024 through 4/1/2025 (Excluding February)
K-5th $1,749
6th-8th $1,780

Enrollment Fee:

$950 for one student in grades K-8th
$700 for second student in grades K-8th
$350 for third student or more in grades K-8th
$500 for students in Junior Kindergarten,
payable with your Enrollment Contract.

Financial Aid is Available

To Apply Visit: