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Giving to GHS

Why GHS Asks for Your Additional Financial Support

Annual fundraising is a necessary part of the Golden Hills School culture.

We do this because the right balance must be sought between offering an excellent program and a competitive and reasonable tuition.

We do this because it is part of what brings our families together.

But fundamentally, we do this because we must cover the shortfall between tuition revenues and school expenditures– as well as to achieve many other goals and innovations that support the special nature of the GHS experience.

Usually, that means raising about $150,000 in any given year. We are proud to say that our GHS community has consistently supported this endeavor!

Three Opportunities for Giving

Annual Giving Fund

In late September we begin our fundraising efforts with the Annual Giving Fund. Our plea is for participation. No matter the dollar amount, we ask our families to consider supporting GHS through a one-time or planned regular donation to the Annual Fund.

BLAST: Bringing Learning and Service Together

Service to our greater community is embedded in our mission. BLAST will educate our students about areas of need in the local community where their help can make a difference. Students will seek financial sponsorships for community service from family, friends, neighbors, and other local contacts to secure pledges for their day of work in the local community.

GHS Annual Gala & Auction

A night out for the parents! An elegant dinner with entertainment is punctuated by both a silent and live auction to bid on fabulous gifts, as well as incredible projects made and donated by each grade at GHS.

More information about the 2019 Gala can be found here

How to Donate

Your fully tax-deductible donation is easy to make: cash, check, credit card, incremental payments, or stock donations are all accepted. Click on the link above to the Annual Giving Fund to make a one-time donation. You can even call the business office to arrange for a donation to be included on your monthly tuition statement.

Other Opportunities: Scrip

We ask all parents to make an extra effort to maximize their use of Scrip, where a percentage of household purchases that your family makes are donated to GHS. It takes a little extra time to familiarize yourself with the options – but once it is part of your routine, it’s effortless! Please, please help us take advantage of this ‘free’ money. If we all chip in, the revenue will be significant.

Corporate Sponsors

You might investigate whether your employer matches employee charitable donations; GHS is the proud recipient of corporate largesse! We thank our current sponsors, whose generosity and community-mindedness is greatly appreciated.