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GAP Funding and More

Did you know that tuition doesn't cover the total cost of a GHS education?

With its benefits of an exceptional faculty, small class size and individualized attention, Golden Hills School, like other private schools, relies upon our families, alumni, and friends for volunteer and financial support to help meet our needs. A variety of funding sources are sought annually to "bridge the gap" to cover the shortfall between the cost to educate our students and the tuition income – as well as to provide funds to achieve so many other goals and innovations necessary to maintain and improve our complete educational experience at GHS!

Opportunites to Give

Every gift makes a difference in the lives of our students.

There are three main opportunities for giving during the school year. The first is the Annual Giving Fund which kicks off in late September, and continues throughout the year. Our second opportunity is the Family Fund Run which takes place in the Fall and has always been a family favorite. Finally, the GHS Spring Fair and Silent Auction is the spring fling that brings families together to bid on fabulous gifts as well as incredible projects made and donated by each grade at GHS.

We invite you to support the school during these drives to cover the cost of your child’s current educational experience – and support improvements as we strive to develop further.

Free Money

Support our school with ease.

We also have multiple ways for the school to receive big money that don’t cost you a thing!! We ask all parents to make an extra effort to maximize their use of Scrip– where a percentage of purchases that your family would make anyway are donated to GHS. Yes, it takes a little extra time to familiarize yourself with the options – but once it is part of your routine, it’s effortless!!! Please, please help us take advantage of this free money … if we all chip in, the revenue will be significant!

For more information on the specific opportunities to give, please visit the individual listings under the Giving section of the website and plan ahead.

GHS and your children thank you!

Annual Giving Fund

Every day GHS students tackle a challenging curriculum, learn from distinguished faculty, and create life-long personal connections.

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Bringing Learning & Service Together


You can also raise money for our school just by shopping at your favorite local and online stores - you don't even have to think about it or spend any extra money!

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