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Fund Run Sponsors

Thank you to our 2016 Fund Run Sponsors for their support:


Family Fund Run

Lace up your sneakers! It's that time of year....The Family Fund Run is upon us. The Fund Run provides an opportunity for the GHS student body to take part and contribute to the fundraising efforts for the betterment of their school. The dollars raised by their efforts will go to support the General Fund, which includes strategic initiatives, including, but not limited to technology integration into the classrooms, curricular enhancements, and facilities improvements. Parents, Grandparents, or "Specials" in your child's life are highly encouraged to join in this afternoon filled with school spirit, music, and fun on our beautiful Field of Dreams. Students collect pledges from their family and friends in support of their efforts. Kids from all grades participate and it is a great community event!

For more information, to volunteer or donate, contact the Chair.


DATE: September 23, 2016


  • 1:30 - 1:45 Warm up
  • 1:45 - 2:30 Fund Run
  • 2:30 - 3:00 Treats Served and Children Dismissed DIrectly From Event

DRESS CODE: Athletic shoes as well as comfortable athletic attire of our GHS colors of Blue/Yellow Gold. It must meet our modesty guidelines. A Fund Run t-shirt will be provided to all students participating early the week of the event (white with navy logo). Get Creative! Those wishing to not participate in the spirit wear must wear their uniform attire.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In order for a student to be eligible for the drawings/contests all pledges MUST be submitted before/on Friday, September 23.

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