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Strategic Plan

The GHS Strategic Plan identifies the mission and long-term goals and objectives that drive all that GHS delivers. Please review our most updated Strategic Plan below.

The strategic planning process is an exercise in which constituents from our community -- parents, faculty, staff and board members -- come together to review, revise and develop the long-term priorities for GHS. A cross-section of parent participants are selected by the board and administration based upon experience, school volunteer activities, and previously expressed interest in additional school involvement.

If you would like to contribute toward achieving our articulated goals and objectives, please talk to our Head of School about the various parent committees and consider giving some of your time in this capacity. Together, as a community, we continue to build on our core strengths and further the growth and development of our very special school.


Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives



Demonstrate Educational Excellence


  • Evaluate the scope and sequence at each grade level to ensure appropriate transitions from one grade to the next.
  • Promote a collaborative educational culture where teachers share and learn
Demonstrate Organizational Excellence


  • Evaluate admissions criteria to ensure all admitted students are mission appropriate
  • Recruit and retain high-caliber staff who are passionate about GHS
  • Review board structure to ensure it aligns with NAIS best practices
  • Ensure GHS meets NAIS/CAIS best practices for health and safety.
Foster a vibrant GHS community through a strong community involvement that provides classroom support, community events and exceptional leadership


  • Clearly define a Parent Organization structure, bringing together Room Parents and Events, and thereby creating an organization whose form and function survive from year to year.
  • Develop a strong program for encouraging a broad base of parental involvement.
  • Work with the Administration to coordinate all volunteer efforts on campus.
Enable a technology infrastructure that empowers the teachers and students with learning-focused educational technology that develop 21st century, transversal skills.


  • Use technology to help facilitate, guide and activate unique learning paths for students.
  • Establish a collaborative online resource environment for teachers to communicate, access information and share ideas
  • Maintain, evaluate and improve, as necessary, the technology infrastructure, tools, devices and content
Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing and admissions program that supports incremental enrollment growth and strong retention


  • Build a marketing and communications plan centered on the GHS brand.
  • Execute a year-round external marketing plan
  • Focus on developing cohesive, consistent internal communications
Ensure the long and short-term stability of the school by strategically securing and managing financial resources.


  • Create a long-range financial plan for the school ensuring sustainability and promoting growth of strategic programs
  • Generate sufficient revenue to appropriately fund strategic objectives and establish cash reserve
  • Develop external sources of revenue
Maintain and improve the Facilities to serve the needs of our community.


  • Identify and staff a Facilities Committee with the responsibility of long term facility planning.
  • Review, Update, and Implement the GHS Facilities Master plan