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GHS Mission

Golden Hills School is a close, diverse community dedicated to inspiring a love of learning and empowering each child to achieve his or her personal best.

We provide an enriched educational environment that fosters a culture of integrity, respect and service to others.

With high standards in academics and character development, we prepare students to be confident and successful global citizens.

Adopted February, 2013

Strategic Plan

The GHS Strategic Plan is a three to five year plan that identifies the mission, vision and long-term goals and objectives that drive all that GHS delivers. Please review our most updated Strategic Plan. This is a pdf file that can be download and printed.

The strategic planning process is an exercise in which constituents from our community -- parents, faculty, staff and board members -- come together to review, revise and develop the long-term priorities for GHS. This process was initiated in October of 2008. A cross-section of parent participants are selected by the board and administration based upon experience, school volunteer activities, and previously expressed interest in additional school involvement.

If you would like to contribute toward achieving our articulated goals and objectives, please talk to a director or our head of schol about the various parent committees and consider giving some of your time in this capacity. Together we will continue to build on our core strengths and further the growth and development of our very special school. Thank you.